• Property Finding / Real Estate Search

The ideal property for every client - from the dream house to a targeted investment.

In the field of property finding, WMM Real Estate deals with the search of properties for individuals, as well as the search of realty for private and institutional investors. The conclusion of a property finding mandate results in a targeted activity designed to achieve the buyer’s objective.

A dedicated property finder allows WMM Real Estate’s clients to focus only on the properties that best suit their needs. The property finder takes care of the market analysis, the search for properties and their selection according to defined criteria (location, cost, size, etc.), as well as the organisation of visits. Careful selection by the adviser makes it possible to secure the most ideal properties at the best conditions, and thus generates savings for the client in terms of energy, time and financial resources.

A property search mandate reduces the search time, and at the same time increases the probability of finding properties that perfectly meet the client’s wishes. The client depending on WMM Real Estate benefits from a large database of previously selected properties, and can in addition also count on the vast network of contacts and partners of the WMM Group, facilitating the identification of properties not yet offered on the market.